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[etree]Moonalice Live at 8X10 Club on 2012-10-19 - Moonalice
1.Big Steve's Intro 2.Joker's Lie 3.Constellation Rag 4.Sweet Rosie 5.Rome Burns> 6.Road To Here 7.Last Frontier 8.You And Me 9.Coconut Wireless 10.Twenty Flight Rock 11. Big Steve"s Gluten-Free talk 12.Live To Love 13.And It Stoned Me 14. Who Can Say? > 15.Man In Me 16.Down The Road A Piece 17. This Wheel's On Fire > 18.Eight Miles High > 19. Not Fade Away 20. Hallelujah 21. Love Potion #9 22. Happy Birthday John Molo
Keywords: Pete Sears,John Molo,Barry Sless,Roger McNamee,Moonalice
Downloads: 98
[etree]Moonalice Live at HSB Golden Gate Park on 2012-10-07 - Moonalice
1.Big Steve's Introduction 2. Joker's Lie 3. Live To Love 4. Real Deal 5. Mr Spaceman 6. Stella Blue 7. Diana's Up And Dancing 8. Coconut Wireless 9. Fifteen Cadillacs 10. Eight Miles High 11. Not Fade Away 12. Moonalice Legend
Downloads: 105
[etree]Moonalice Live at Deyoung Museum Golden Gate Park on 2007-10-22 - Moonalice
1. Distance 2. Crazy In Heaven 3. Fair To Even Odds 4. Black Is The Color 5. Constellation Rag 6. Bleeding Of Love 7. Dusty Streets Of Cairo 8. Nick Of Time 9. Kick It Open 10.Somebody To Love 11.Sugaree 01. Moonalice - 01 - Distance 02. Moonalice - 02 - Crazy In Heaven 03. Moonalice - 03 - Fair To Even Odds 04. Moonalice - 04 - Black Is The Color 05. Moonalice - 05 - Constellation Rag 06. Moonalice - 06 - Bleeding Of Love 07...
Downloads: 118
[etree]Moonalice Live at Great American Music Hall on 2011-04-20 - Moonalice
1.Roger And Big Steve's Introductions 2.Its 4:20 Somewhere 3.Nobody Knows 4.Whiter Shade Of Pale 5.Joker's Lie 6.American Dream Rag 7.Walk Away Renee 8.Kick It Open > 9.Lost At Sea 10.Turk Street 11.Live To Love 12.Real Deal 13.Happy Birthday Crystal 14.Tell Me It's Okay 15.You & Me 16.15 Cadillacs 17.Stella Blue 18.On The Road Again 19.Roger's Closing Remarks 01. Moonalice - 01 - Roger And Big Steve's Introductions 02...
Downloads: 230
[etree]Moonalice Live at 19 Broadway on 2011-04-29 - Moonalice
Moonalice live at 19 Broadway in Fairfax, CA
Keywords: moonalice
Downloads: 284
[etree]Moonalice Live at The Narrows Center For The Arts on 2012-04-04 - Moonalice
1.Big Steve's Intro 1 2.Live To Love 3.Constellation Rag 4.Last Frontier 5.No End To Love 6.can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound 7.Red Crow 8.Diana's Up & Dancing 9.Rome Burns 10.Man In Me 11.Eight Miles High> 12.Coconut Wireless 13.Moonalice Legend 14.Big Steve's Intro 2 15.Fair To Even Odds 16.Kick It Open 17.Greenport 18.Angle Of Repose 19.Crazy In Heaven 20.Wonderful World 21.Already Cried Those Tears 22.Stella Blue 23.This Wheel's On Fire > 24.I Ain't Ever Satisfied 25.Joker's Lie 26.Twent...
Downloads: 95
[etree]Moonalice Live at The Greatful Garcia Gathering Camp NCN on 2007-08-03 - Moonalice
1.Heart Frozen Up 2.Fair To Even Odds 3.Listen To Those Eyes 4.I'm Glad You Think So 5.Dusty Streets Of Cairo 6.Crazy In Heaven 7.Who Can Say 8.Tell Me It's Okay 9.Dance Inside The Lightning 10.Nick Of Time > 11.Blink Of An Eye 12.Let It Rock 13.Barbary Ellen 14.Kick It Open 15.Highway 61 Revisited 16.Stella Blue 01. Moonalice - 01- Heart Frozen Up 02. Moonalice - 02- Fair To Even Odds 03. Moonalice - 03- Listen To Those Eyes 04...
Downloads: 140
[etree]Moonalice Live at Putnam Den on 2011-04-08 - Moonalice
1.big Steve's Intro 2.Fair To Even Odds 3.Nobody Knows 4.Already Cried Those Tears 5.Red Crow 6.Crazy In Heaven 7.down The Road Apiece 8.for What It's Worth 9.This Wheels On Fire 10.Constellation Rag 11.Greenport 12.Kick It Open 13.moonalice Legend 14.Love Potion #9 01. Moonalice - 01 - 01 Big Steves Intro 02. Moonalice - 02 - 02 Fair To Even Odds 03. Moonalice - 03 - 03 Nobody Knows 04. Moonalice - 04 - 04 Already Cried Those Tears 05...
Downloads: 176
[etree]Moonalice Live at Akebono Theater on 2011-05-21 - Moonalice
Moonalice live at Akebono Theater
Keywords: moonalice
Downloads: 377
[etree]Moonalice Live at 19 Broadway Nite Club on 2009-12-05 - Moonalice
12/05/09 19 Broadway Nite Club (5) Fairfax, CA According to Moonalice legend, Fairfax was the location of the first Moonalice tribal tug-of-war. Rope is a byproduct of hemp agriculture – Big Steve calls it a side effect – and the tribe supported itself by selling rope and hemp sails for ships. But inside the tribe, no one had much use for rope. It tasted horrible when you smoked it. But a clever guy by the name of Three Sheets Moonalice figured out that you could use it to settle arguments...
Downloads: 131
[etree]Moonalice Live at The Mint on 2009-08-29 - Moonalice
8/29/09 The Mint Los Angeles, CA According to Moonalice legend, the University of Southern California may be considering the formation of a Department of Crypto-Zoology. Crypto-Zoology is the study of creatures that no one has ever seen . . . and it is one of the core academic fields of Moonalice scholars. We just got back from Alaska, where we hunted for the Common Rhino Puffin and the Arctic Hippo...
Downloads: 107
[etree]Moonalice Live at Marin Civic Center on 2009-09-11 - Moonalice
9/11/09 Marin Civic San Rafael, CA Other acts: Metallica According to Moonalice legend, the Marin County Civic Center was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. History says it is the last project Wright worked on before he died. The legend reveals the real story. It was the last project Wright worked on before he came out of the closet. It turns out the Wright spent his whole life as a closet bass player...
Downloads: 109
[etree]Moonalice Live at Hi Dive on 2009-08-19 - Moonalice
8/19/09 Hi Dive Seattle, WA According to Moonalice legend, the first white man to settle Seattle was Arthur Denny, organizer of the Denny Party. In the 19th century, people didn’t party the way they do now. Nope. They typically formed up with some guy whose name began with “D”. Of all these parties, the Denny Party turned out best. The founded this city and nobody got hurt. Less successful was the Donner Party, where half the people got eaten by the other half...
Downloads: 120
[etree]Moonalice Live at Fishlips on 2009-09-05 - Moonalice
9/05/09 Fishlips Bakersfield, CA According to Moonalice legend, the Moonalice tribe was living here when white people arrived in the 19th century. The tribe wasn’t very successful here – there wasn’t enough water to grow hemp. When Col Thomas Baker showed up, the tribe was only too delighted to sell the place to him. Col Baker was a good guy, so he double-checked to make sure the Moonalice matriarch wasn’t going to get angry when white people discovered oil, created the Bakersfield Sound...
Downloads: 69
[etree]Moonalice Live at the Great American Music Hall on 2012-11-24 - Moonalice
1.Big Steve's Hippo Chat 2.Down The Road A Piece 3.Might As Well 4.Rome Burns > 5.Joker's Lie 6.Live To Love 7.Mr Spaceman > 8.Tell Me It's Okay (festival Version) > 9.Not Fade Away 10. Moonalice Legend
Downloads: 69
[etree]Moonalice Live at Crystal Bay Casino - Crown Room on 2009-12-04 - Moonalice
12/04/09 Crystal Bay Casino - Crown Room (5) Crystal Bay, NV According to Moonalice legend, the Crystal Bay Casino sits near the site of Crystal Caverns, the oldest known Moonalice settlement in Nevada. Crystal Caverns was home to a band of stoned age Moonalices. They lived in the cave and passed the time by painting on the walls. Like other cavemen, the Moonalices painted images of the animals they hunted...
Downloads: 191
[etree]Moonalice Live at The Fillmore on 2007-12-08 - Moonalice
Disc 1: 01. Distance 02. Crazy In Heaven 03. Fair To Even Odds 04. Eyesight To The Blind 05. Nick Of Time 06. Stella Blue 07. Moonalice Legend 08. Sugaree
Keywords: moonalice
Downloads: 87
[etree]Moonalice Live at Bodega Bay Fisherman's Festival on 2011-04-30 - Moonalice
Moonalice live at Bodega Bay Fisherman's Festival
Keywords: moonalice
Downloads: 77
[etree]Moonalice Live at Off Broadway Theater (Yale University ) on 2012-04-03 - Moonalice
1.Big Steve's Intro 2.Live To Love 3.American Dream Rag 4.Real Deal 5.Last Frontier 6.Nick Of Time 7.Rome Burns 8.Who Can Say ? 9.Mr. Spaceman 10.Brother Can You Spare A Dime 01. Moonalice - 01 - Big Steve's Intro 02. Moonalice - 02 - Live To Love 03. Moonalice - 03 - American Dream Rag 04. Moonalice - 04 - Real Deal 05. Moonalice - 05 - Last Frontier 06. Moonalice - 06 - Nick Of Time 07. Moonalice - 07 - Rome Burns 08...
Downloads: 67
[etree]Moonalice Live at Havana on 2012-04-05 - Moonalice
01. Moonalice - 01 - Big Steve's Intro 02. Moonalice - 02 - Down The Road Apiece 03. Moonalice - 03 - Sweet Rosie 04. Moonalice - 04 - American Dream Rag 05. Moonalice - 05 - Rome Burns 06. Moonalice - 06 - You And Me 07. Moonalice - 07 - Last Frontier 08. Moonalice - 08 - Nick Of Time 09. Moonalice - 09 - Hallelujah 10. Moonalice - 10 - Kick It Open 11. Moonalice - 11 - Mr Spaceman 12. Moonalice - 12 - Live To Love 13...
Downloads: 78
[etree]Moonalice Live at Brooklyn Bowl on 2012-10-28 - Moonalice
1.Big Steve's Intro 2.Down The Road A Piece 3.Mr Spaceman 4.Joker's Lie 5.Last Frontier 6.And It Stoned Me 7.Might As Well 8.Coconut Wireless 9.I'm Glad You Think So 10.Ophelia 11.Rome Burns 12.Come Away 13.Live To Love 14.Eight Miles High 15.Tell Me It's Okay 16.Not Fade Away 17.Moonalice Legend
Downloads: 59
[etree]Moonalice Live at The Stone Church on 2012-10-24 - Moonalice
1.Big Steve's Tales Of Jerry 2.Joker"s Lie 3.American Dream Rag 4.Fair To Even Odds 5.I'm Glad You Think So 6.Nick Of Time 7.Red Crow 8.Might As Well 9.Brother Can You Spare A Dime 10. Live To Love 11.You And Me 12.REevolution 13.Kick It Open 14.Man In Me 15.Tell Me It's Okay 16.Mr Spaceman 17.Moonalice Legend 18.Not Fade Away
Downloads: 50
[etree]Moonalice Live at Mexicali Live on 2012-04-07 - Moonalice
1. Big Steve's Introduction 2. Joker's Lie 3. Brother Can You Spare A Dime 4. Already Cried Those Tears 5. Red Crow 6. Fifteen Cadillacs 7. this Wheel's On Fire > 8. Sweet Rosie 9. Coconut Wireless 10. Slow Dance 11. Twenty Flight Rock 12. Moonalice Legend 1 13. Big Steve's Tales Of Jerry 14. Nick Of Time 15. Greenport 16. Eight Miles High > 17. Road To Here > 18. For What It's Worth 19. Stella Blue 20...
Downloads: 42
[etree]Moonalice Live at Redwood Mountain Faire on 2011-06-04 - Moonalice
Acoustic Moonalice live at Redwood Mountain Faire in Felton, CA
Keywords: Moonalice acoustic
Downloads: 117
[etree]Moonalice Live at IOTA Club And Cafe on 2011-04-04 - Moonalice
1.Big Steve's Introduction 2.Mr Spaceman > 3.Whiter Shade Of Pale 4.Live To Love 5.American Dream Rag 6.For What It's Worth > 7.Man In Me 8.Blink Of An Eye > 9.Nick Of Time 10.Down The Road Apiece 11.Moonalice Legend 12.Federal Express 13.I May Be Gone 14.Revolution > 15.Walk Away Renee 16.You & Me 17.On The Road Again 01. Moonalice - 01 - Cd One01 Big Steve's Introduction 02. Moonalice - 02 - Cd One02 Spaceman 03...
Downloads: 96
[etree]Moonalice Live at Arena Theater on 2010-12-31 - Moonalice
Set One 01.Big Steve Intro 02.Mr. Spaceman 03.Fair To Even Odds 04.Blink Of An Eye 05.Constellation Rag 06.Red Crow 07.15 Cadillacs 08.Return Of The Grievous Angel 09.Who Can Say 10.Whiter Shade Of Pale 11.Daylight 12.Man In Me 13.On The Road Again * with Tony Bove On Harmonica Set Two 14.Countdown To New Years 15.Like A Rolling Stone 16.Tell Me It's Okay 17.Slow Dance 18.Joker's lie 19.Turk Street 20.Nick Of Time 21.You And I 22.Crazy In Heaven 23.American Dream Rag 24.Kick It Open 25.I Ain't E...
Downloads: 230
[etree]Moonalice Live at The Hamilton on 2012-03-24 - Moonalice
1.Big Steve's Intro 2.Joker's Lie 3.Real Deal 4.American Dream Rag 5.Last Frontier 6.Blink Of An Eye 7.Coconut Wireless 8.Hallelujah 9.Diana's Up & Dancing 10.Moonalice Legend 01. Moonalice - 01 - Big Steve's Intro 02. Moonalice - 02 - Joker's Lie 03. Moonalice - 03 - Real Deal 04. Moonalice - 04 - American Dream Rag 05. Moonalice - 05 - Last Frontier 06. Moonalice - 06 - Blink Of An Eye 07. Moonalice - 07 - Coconut Wireless 08...
Downloads: 73
[etree]Moonalice Live at The Blue Cafe on 2009-08-30 - Moonalice
8/30/09 The Blue Cafe Long Beach, CA According to Moonalice legend, the tribe first settled in Long Beach thousands of years ago. The climate was perfect for hemp agriculture and way back then there weren’t any white people around to mess things up. The tribe really liked it here and they maintained good relations with the local native American tribes. When white people came, they built the harbor and started shipping stuff around the world...
Downloads: 110
[etree]Moonalice Live at 19 Broadway Nite Club on 2009-07-31 - Moonalice
7/31/09 19 Broadway Nite Club Fairfax, CA According to Moonalice legend, today is the day when Howling Monkey returned to the tribe. Henceforth, July 31 will be known as The Night of a Thousand Monkeys. According to Moonalice legend, the town of Fairfax was home to the annual Moonalice hemp rodeo. It was a small town affair with lots of spirit. The local growers gathered in mid-July to compare their product...
Downloads: 371
[etree]Moonalice Live at B.B. Kings on 2011-10-15 - Moonalice
1. Joker's Lie 2. The Real Deal 3. Big Steve's Introduction 4. American Dream Rag 5. Kick It Open 6. Diana's Up & Dancing 7. Coconut Wireless 8. 15 Cadillacs 9. Tell Me It's Okay ENCORE 10.It's 4:20 Somewhere 01. Moonalice - 01 - Joker's Lie 02. Moonalice - 02 - The Real Deal 03. Moonalice - 03 - Big Steve's Introduction 04. Moonalice - 04 - American Dream Rag 05. Moonalice - 05 - Kick It Open 06. Moonalice - 06 - Diana's Up & Dancing 07...
Downloads: 111
[etree]Moonalice Live at Union Square on 2011-05-04 - Moonalice
Moonalice live at Union Square
Keywords: moonalice
Downloads: 233
[etree]Moonalice Live at Wilma Marston Theater on 2008-01-08 - Moonalice
1.Chubbys Intro 2.Whiter Shade of Pale 3.Fair To Even Odds 4.Moonalice Legend 1 5.Eyesight To The Blind 6.Crazy In Heaven 7.Moonalice Legend 2 8.Silver Lining 9.Moonalice Legend 3 10.Happy Endings 11.Dusty Streets Of Cairo 12.Arrowhead 13.Blink Of An Eye 14.kick It Open 15.Moonalice Legend 4 16.Distance 17.King Harvest 18.Moonalice Legend 5 19.Tell Me It's Okay 20.Listen To Those Eyes 21.Stella Blue 22.Sugaree 01...
Downloads: 57
[etree]Moonalice Live at The Goodfoot on 2007-10-18 - Moonalice
01. Moonalice - 01 - Distance 02. Moonalice - 02 - Can't Hold Out 03. Moonalice - 03 - Crazy In Heaven 04. Moonalice - 04 - Fair To Even Odds 05. Moonalice - 05 - I'm Glad You Think So 06. Moonalice - 06 - Heart Frozen Up 07. Moonalice - 07 - Blink Of An Eye 08. Moonalice - 08 - Kick It Open 09. Moonalice - 09 - Happy Endings 10. Moonalice - 10 - Black Is The Color 11. Moonalice - 11 - Bleeding Of Love 12...
Downloads: 58
[etree]Moonalice Live at Auburn Events Center on 2012-04-21 - Moonalice
1. Big Steve's Intro 2.Fair To Even Odds 3.Nobody Knows 4.Expiration Date 5.Red Crow 6.Nick Of Time 7. Crazy In Heaven 8.Sweet Rosie 9.Kick It Open 10.American Dream Rag 11.No End To Love 12.this Wheel's On Fire > 13.The Weight 14.Already Cried Those Tears 15.Twenty Flight Rock 16.Man In Me 17.Fifteen Cadillacs 18.Hallelujah 19.Mr. Spaceman 20.It's 4:20 Somewhere 21.Moonalice Legend
Downloads: 104
[etree]Moonalice Live at The Arch Street Tavern on 2012-04-01 - Moonalice
1.Big Steve's Intro 2.Fair To Even Odds 3.Constellation Rag 4.Real Deal 5.Last Frontier 6.I'm Glad You Think SO 7.fifteen Cadillacs 8.You And Me 9.This Wheel's On Fire > 10.Blink Of An Eye 11.Sweet Rosie 12.I Ain't Ever Satisfied 13.Moonalice Legend 14.Big Steve's Tales Of Jerry 15.Wabash Cannonball 16.Expiration Date 17.Man In Me 18.Silver Lining 19.No End To Love 20.Kick It Open 21.Already Cried Those Tears 22.Revolution 23.For What It's Worth 24.Live To Love 25.Hallelujah 26.Twenty Flight Roc...
Downloads: 73
[etree]Moonalice Live at The Art Of Moonalice Show Fairfax Pavilion on 2011-11-05 - Moonalice
1. Big Steve's Intro 2. Live To Love 3. American Dream Rag 4. The Real Deal 5. Last Frontier 6. Hallelujah 7. For What It's Worth > 8. Coconut Wireless 9. No End To Love 10.Joker's Lie 11.Moonalice Legend 01. Moonalice - 01 - Big Steve's Intro 02. Moonalice - 02 - Live To Love 03. Moonalice - 03 - American Dream Rag 04. Moonalice - 04 - The Real Deal 05. Moonalice - 05 - Last Frontier 06. Moonalice - 06 - Hallelujah 07...
Downloads: 280
[etree]Moonalice Live at Charley's on 2011-05-19 - Moonalice
Moonalice live at Charley's
Downloads: 106
[etree]Moonalice Live at Magnolia Festival on 2009-10-23 - Moonalice
10/23/09 Magnolia Festival Live Oak, FL According to Wikipedia, no one really knows precisely when Live Oak, Florida was founded. If there was ever a record, it has been lost. Artifacts suggest the town was founded some time between 1850 and 1875 by a bunch of railroad workers who enjoyed resting under the oaks and decided to put down roots. The artifacts included unused shovels and hammers, as well as a roach clip...
Downloads: 136
[etree]Moonalice Live at The Tuck School of Business At Dartmouth College on 2012-03-30 - Moonalice
1.Big Steve's Intro 2.Joker's Lie 3.American Dream Rag 4.Already Cried Those Tears 5.Nobody Knows 6.Diana's Up & Dancing 7.Red Crow 8.Angle Of Repose 9.Fifteen Cadillacs 10.And It Stoned Me 11.Greenport 12.Kick It Open 13.Slow Dance 14.Rome Burns 15.Live To Love 16.Walk Away Renee 17.Nick Of Time 18.Moonalice Legend 19.Down The Road Apiece 20.Love Potion #9 21.It's 4:20 Somewhere 01. Moonalice - 01 - Big Steve's Intro 02...
Downloads: 64
[etree]Moonalice Live at The 8x10 Club on 2011-10-11 - Moonalice
1. Big Steve's Introduction 2. Joker's Lie 3. American Dream Rag 4. The Real Deal 5. Kick It Open 6. And It Stoned Me 7. Diana's Up & Dancing 8. You And Me 9. Moonalice Legend 10.Coconut Wireless 11.Have You Ever Seen The Rain 12.Live To Love 13.Blink Of An Eye 14.Tell Me It's Okay 15.Stella Blue 16.Mr. Spaceman > 17.Eight Miles High > 18.Mr. Spaceman It's 4:20 Somewhere 01. Moonalice - 01 - Big Steve's Introduction 02...
Downloads: 110
[etree]Moonalice Live at Virginia Brewing Company on 2009-04-25 - Moonalice
4/25/09 Virginia Brewing Company Winchester, VA According to Moonalice legend, today is World Malaria Day. In the spirit of the day, we went down to WalMart to buy you all some malaria, but they were out of stock. Maybe next time. According to Wikipedia, this area was occupied by native tribes beginning around 1000 AD. Wikipedia talks about the Cacapon, Opequon, Shawnee and Tuscarora, but they make no mention of the Moonalice tribe...
Downloads: 93 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[etree]Moonalice Live at Skipper's Smokehouse on 2009-02-22 - Moonalice
1. On the Road Again 2. Down the Road A Piece 3. Kick It Open 4. Peggy-O 5. Wish We Had 6. Eyesight to the Blind 7. Constellation Rag 8. Blink of an Eye 9. Fair to Even Odds 10. Barbary Ellen 11. Stella Blue 12. Marilyn 13. Tell Me It’s Okay 14. Sugaree 15. Erie Canal 16. Subterranean Homesick Blues
Downloads: 120
[etree]Moonalice Live at E-String Bar And Grill on 2010-04-10 - Moonalice
1. Highway 61 Revisited > 2. Down the Road A Piece 3. Love to Remake 4. Foxtrot Uniform 5. Whiter Shade of Pale > 6. Stella Blue > 7. Tell Me It’s Okay 8. Break Out in Handcuffs 9. Fair to Even Odds 10. On the Road Again 11. Mr Spaceman > 12. I Ain’t Ever Satisfied 13. Turk Street > 14. Bewilderness 15. Man in Me 16. Peggy-O 17. Wish We Had 18. It’s 4:20 Somewhere 19. Kick It Open 20. Six Days on the Road 21...
Downloads: 176
[etree]Moonalice Live at The Events Center on 2010-03-06 - Moonalice
# Down the Road A Piece # Love to Remake # Constellation Rag # Who Can Say? # Like A Rolling Stone # Break Out in Handcuffs # Red Crow # Daylight # Wish We Had # Foxtrot Uniform # Whiter Shade of Pale # Fair to Even Odds # Six Days on the Road # Man in Me # American Dream Rag # Blink of an Eye # Stella Blue # Crazy in Heaven # Kick It Open # Tell Me It’s Okay # On the Road Again
Downloads: 144
[audio]Moonalice Live At Earthdance Laytonville Ca 2009/09/27 - Pizzajohn07 Via Tim Stiegler/Moonalice
This is a great live show that features the Moonalice7
Keywords: Moonalice Earthdance
Downloads: 48
[etree]Moonalice Live at Sullivan Hall on 2009-10-16 - Moonalice
10/16/09 Sullivan Hall New York City, NY According to Moonalice legend, today is Dictionary Day. It is also the birthday of Noah Webster, creator of the first American dictionary, and the birthday of Lotsa Words Moonalice, author of the first Moonalice-to-English dictionary. Can this be a coincidence? We think not. Conspiracy? Seems like the most obvious explanation. According to Moonlike legend, today is Conspiracy Word Day, which honors scary concepts like “grassy knoll,” “Freemasons,”...
Downloads: 179
[etree]Moonalice Live at the Great American Music Hall on 2012-10-04 - Moonalice
1.Intro 2.After Sunset (Ann Atomic) 3.Purple Bandana (Ann Atomic) 4.This Changes Everything (Ann Atomic) 5.for Eva (Ann Atomic) 6.the Weight (Ann Atomic) 7.!5 Cadilliacs (Ann Atomic) 8.Whiter Shade Of Pale (Ann Atomic) 9.Greenport (the Flying Other Brothers) 10. Devil's Kitchen (The Flying Other Brothers) 11 Roger Intro's Ann's New Project 12.Geek (Love Bytes) 13.Low Tech Girlfriend (Love Bytes) 14.Our Own Business (Love Bytes) 15.Real (Love Bytes) 16.Flip To The other Side (Love Bytes) 17.Above...
Downloads: 86
[etree]The Bridge Live at 8x10 on 2004-08-18 - The Bridge
The Bridge August 18th 2004 The Funk Box Baltimore, Md Source: SDB>DAT>CD Wave>CD>Traders Little Helper Taped by Tim Stiegler Setlist 01.Drop The Beat 02.New Mistake 03.County People> 04.In Memory Of Elisabeth Reed> 05.County People 06.Beat Box 07.Rosalita 08.So Lonly 09.Slow Flame 10.Wild Horses 11.Big Blues>Get Out While You Can> 12.Station Blues> 13.Jam> 14.Big Blue> 15.Run Like An Antelope> 16.Run Like An Antelope Encore 17.Super Funk>Dr.Doughneeder
Downloads: 115
[etree]Moonalice Live at Jewels In The Square on 2010-05-09 - Moonalice
1. Mr Spaceman > 2. Wish We Had > 3. I Ain’t Ever Satisfied 4. Down the Road A Piece 5. Love to Remake 6. Fair to Even Odds 7. I’m Glad You Think So 8. Whiter Shade of Pale > 9. Stella Blue > 10. American Dream Rag 11. Gwendolyn 12. Break Out in Handcuffs 13. Kick It Open 14. Tell Me It’s Okay 15. On the Road Again 16. It’s 4:20 Somewhere
Downloads: 222 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[etree]Moonalice Live at Inaugral Haines Music Festival Fort Seward on 2011-07-04 - Moonalice
1.Big Steve's Rap 2.American Dream Rag 3.Live To Love 4.Real Deal 5.City Of New Orleans 6.Kick It Open 7.Whiter Shade Of Pale 8.Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound 9.You And Me 10.San Francisco 11.Walk Away Renee 12.Revolution > 13.Stella Blue 14.joker's Lie 15.Tell Me It's Okay 16.Moonalice Legend 17.On The Road Again ENCORE 18.It's 4:20 Somewhere > 19.Love Potion #9 01. Moonalice - 01 - Big Steve's Rap 02...
Keywords: Acoustic
Downloads: 109
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